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How to move iTunes library to NAS folder

This is nothing new, but to free up some space on my MacBook I decided to move my iTunes library to a network drive on my NAS. I got some inspiration from this old German video. I tried to collect all relevant information for doing so. I did it by following this steps  I closed iTunes I mounted a network drive with AFP I copied my iTunes library folder to a folder on the network drive (it is important to keep the folder name "iTunes"!) I opened iTunes while pressing the "alt" key. Now you can create a library or choose one from another location I set the new iTunes folder I deleted the local iTunes library My iTunes settings look like this now, iTunes took over the selected folder: Keep in mind the following You cannot open the iTunes library with two accounts at the same time. When you choose to set "Keep iTunes Media folder organized" iTunes will set your folder structure for artists an albums and also the file pattern for your s