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Install and verify IIS HttpModules with custom config sections

A week ago I started to learn about HttpModules and HttpHandlers watching a pluralsight course by Robert Boedigheimer . First of all I want to really recommend this course, I learned a lot of stuff which I could not find in any other course, book or blog post. As I already did in the past with another course , I want to add some comments and extend the HttpModule part. I refer to the course example with the serverMaskModuleGAC. I walked into some trap doors and thereby I found another approach to simplify the installation process of the module to GAC a little bit. With this approach I am able to verify my custom config sections and module registration is correct. Here is my approach: 1. When you have finished your implementation for serverMaskModule, install it in the GAC as usual by using the gacutil tool. By the way, there are some traps when you need to install it on Windows Server 2012 . Here I am using Windows 8.1 64 Bit. I created my HttpModule with .NET 2.0 because it se