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How does AppFabric cache calculates the values for RequestCount, ReadRequestCount, WriteRequestCount and MissCount?

When I started to use the Get-CacheStatistics cmdlet to monitor caching activities more intensivley I was often confused. Here an example:

Should not be ReadCount+WriteCount = RequestCount? Why is WriteRequestCount increasing +2 although I just send one put request?

By talking to Microsoft support I figured out how AppFabric cache calculates its numbers (Thanks to Gayathri from Distributed Service Team). Number calculation behavior depends on your configuration, high availability and local cache have a major impact on it.
ActivityRequestCount ReadRequestCount WriteRequestCount MissCount DataCacheFactory is initialized and Named Cache is up +1---Put item, not yet in local and server cache+1-+1 (+2 with HA)+1Get item from local cache----Get item from server cache, local cache has expired+1+1--Get item, local and server cache has expired+1+1-+1
I hope this is helpful for you when you are analyzing the caching behavior for your application.