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.NET Programming: Jumpstart ETW (Event Tracking for Windows)

To get started with ETW I highly recommend this pluralsight course by Kathleen Dollard. It gives you a really good introduction, including background and some examples. It will be much harder to succeed just by googling or reading books.

I will not spoil anything from this course. Here I will just give a few more hints and annotations to show where I struggled with ETW, to help you not doing the same mistakes. After finishing the pluralsight course I was really eager to get going with my own implementation but I ran into some annoying trapped doors.

Nuget package for EventSource

The current nuget package for EventSource (Vers. 1.0.16) will create the manifest file automatically (it validates your implementation upfront, only when validation succeeds manifest file will be created. Otherwise there will be no updated or no new manifest file in your bin folder!). Therefore there is no need to create it by hand.


Running wevtutil.exe without parameters to see its help, produces this output on my console:

But all necessary commands are working. I am still investigating into this issue. But it will not effect the needed functionality, all operations worked fine for me.

In the beginning I had some trouble with wevtutil.exe
  • Making spelling mistakes
  • Specifying dll file instead of man file
  • And wrong paths (copy paste issues)
Doing these mistakes will lead into error messages like this:

Seeing these error messages for the first time confused me:

`At column=0, The system cannot locate the resource specified. Failed to load xml document`

The message made me thinking about something was wrong in my implementation in my manifest file. Maybe wrong or missing resources for translation, something in this direction. But its just talking about the parameters for wevtutil and indicates you are specifing a file that is not existing (as already described above spelling mistake in one of the paths or specified dll instead of man file and so on).

EventSource names

I had some issues specifing a “valid” EventSource name. I specified a name like this “MyCompany-MyApplication-MyEvents”. I was wondering why the regarding nested folder was not created. I could just see this entry far in the bottom in the Event Viewer:

But when I tried to open the regarding log I received this message:

The solution was really simple. There was already an existing Eventlog with the name “MyCompany” created by another application:

In this case you cannot create a nested folder with the same name. Makes sense, but a better error message would be helpful.

Maintenance for builds and installed manifests

  • Renaming and building EventSources will create new dll and man files in your build folder but it will not remove the old files. I always delete the content of my build folder when I do changes to keep the overview.
  • You need to keep your custom event sources (dll files) in installation folder (when you remove it, your views in Event Viewer will look strange), you better create a suitable folder for it. Keep man files there too, to be able to uninstall the events (I could not find a way to remove my custom events without man files).

Last but not least

Finally you should definitely checkout this nuget package with more EventSource examples.


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